About EBB

Equine Business Builders was formed to help guide you along your Entrepreneurial Journey. With the ever changing landscape of our equine businesses sharing insights and tips will help give a “leg up” to equine business and the horse industry.

By interviewing successful business owners we will share successes AND our failures so we can grow and learn from mistakes. Failure is not an end to your business. Failure is a part of every entrepreneurs journey. Sharing lessons learned is our biggest gift to our community.

The pearls of wisdom we glean from each of our guests will, I hope, inspire your to take that step into YOUR entrepreneurial journey and learn from some of these successes, and failures, and share your journey so others can learn as well.

Equine entrepreneurs have many skills, they coach riding, energy work, professional witnesses, make tack, shoe horses, judge at shows, to name a few. We all belong to this beautiful community of equestrians and with a common goal we can stick together and make the journey a successful and profitable one.

How Laura Kelland-May is Different

Laura Unlike many other “horse people” I am more than a horse owner and rider. I’ve been a horse show judge for over 20 years and have been in the trenches of back yard horse shows to national level competitions. In addition I am a High Performance trained riding coach. This means not only do I KNOW “what the judge is looking for” -because I am one, I understand how to train a horse AND rider to get it!

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering so I can usually think my way through any technical difficulties. While there are other podcasters out there, I believe my experience sets me apart because I go into the trenches and find horse business owners and entrepreneurs and help explain HOW they have become successful.

In a nutshell, I really want to help you, and you know what? I really do care!