Dr. Allen Schoen Co-Author of The Compassionate Equestrian

Podcast Show Notes

1. Could you tell us a bit about what you do?

Dr. Allen Schoen, Equine Business Builder, Laura Kelland May, Horse Jobs
Dr. Allen Schoen Co-Author of the Compassionate Equestrian

I am a pioneer in integrative, holistic veterinary medicine , author, social entrepreneur and am currently developing more compassionate approaches to animal health care.

To read more about Dr. Allen Schoen, please visit his author site.  Or you can visit DrSchoen.com.

2. How did you get started with your product/book/ riding?

Along the journey in my continuing exploration of the question “What is Ultimate Healing?” for all beings, I was beginning to feel that any new approach to animal health care was almost like putting a band-aid on the Titanic, so to speak. Through various personal experiences I felt that the key create a deeper, more permanent healing of animals was to help heal the hearts and minds of human caretakers of our animal companions.

Through various synchronicities, I came to the realization that developing a compassionate heart and mind was the essence of creating a more compassionate, healthier, happier world. I was working on a book for all animal lovers when Susan Gordon, a holistic horse trainer approached me about creating a film and or book on a more compassionate approach to horses. Together, we discussed our different perspectives as a holistic integrative veterinarian and a horse trainer and felt that the combination could be of benefit to horses and their human caretakers.

3. What do you think is the number one thing holding back people from doing what they want to do?

These days, it seems there are endless ways that one can so easily become distracted. I sense that distraction from ones passion keeps everyone so busy. I call it “busy mind traffic”.

If one takes time to create times of quiet focused intention” and quiet themselves inside for a period of time each day, then one can come from a clearer place inside regarding what they would like to do. I would say that quieting the mind and heart is the key thing that holds people back from what they want to do.

For example you have a great product – why do you think people are not “going for it”?

Everyone is so busy and easily distracted by endless social media, endless to do lists, and they go from one distraction to another, ignoring one of the most important things in life, loving kindness and compassion for all beings. One of my favorite sayings when offering workshops is “One fills their life with distractions until they die, unless they wake up”. Every choice we make is an opportunity to create more distraction in our lives or to wake up. The choice is ours in each and every moment.

For example you are travelling and working and riding? What is the biggest set back that people face when trying to do what you do?

The biggest set back seems to be our busy mind traffic and endless to do lists. Becoming clear on what your passion is, what you would most like to do to be of benefit to the world and focusing your attention on that will create a foundation for your passion to manifest.

4. How did you come up with your idea for your book?

the Compassionate Equestrian, Laura kelland may, Equine Business Builders, horse jobs
The Compassionate Equestrian

I was working on a book like “The Compassionate Equestrian”, for all animal lovers based on my experiences and asking myself what the next step on my exploration of what is ultimate healing, and then Susan Gordon introduced herself to me and said she would like to do something like that for horses. Through long discussions, “The Compassionate Equestrian” unfolded.

5. What do you think is the number 1 reason people succeed when others don’t?

I would say one needs to have a vision, a passion for what they want to do and then the persistence to create it despite obstacles along the way.

6. What was one of the major “roadblocks” you experienced when you set out on your journey?

I realized that it could be quite a challenge to help people look at themselves and their lives with a more expansive view of how they might want to be of benefit to all beings. Sometimes, that question is not asked. If one does not ask the right questions, when will not come up with the right answers. Having people explore these deeper questions in the midst of our busy lives and busy minds can be quite challenging. Creating “The Compassionate Equestrian Movement” based on the 25 principles in the book takes time, focus and effort. I am pleased to see how many equestrians are reading the book, recognizing the essence of our message and shifting their perspective and approach to create a more compassionate equestrian community and through that helping to make the world a happier, healthier place for all beings.

7. What was the big “a-ha” moment when you knew you overcame one of the major roadblocks?

When I listened to my deep, silent inner voice and knew deep in my heart, that the approaches we discuss in “The Compassionate Equestrian” were the keys to ultimate healing and to help horses, horse lovers and the world.


Thank you for inviting me on your program and to share the insights we are sharing in “The Compassionate Equestrian”. I invite you all to become part of the compassionate equestrian movement through thecompassionateequestrian.com that my co-author, Susan Gordon facilitates. May your choices and actions be of benefit to all beings!