Dr Schoen Interview Part 2 – Equitation Tips

Dr. Schoen Interview Part 2 – Equitation Tips!

Why is good equitation or riding well, so important?

Equine Business Builder, Horse Podcast, Laura Kelland May
Dr. Allen Schoen, Co-Author of The Compassionate Equestrian

Good equitation or riding is one of the keys to connecting with your horse in a more loving, compassionate way and thereby preventing many of the health problems and lameness that veterinarians end up treating.

What is the biggest challenge you see people are struggling with their equitation?

I sense that one of the greatest challenges again is not coming from a deep sense of compassion for their horse and themselves. If one has a busy mind, distracted, not centered on the moments with their horse and what is best for both of them, then one can easily become distracted by countless other things.

What are some tips you could give RIGHT NOW to help people listening to either prevent, stop or correct the problem?

I would say that incorporating the key principles of the Compassionate Equestrian approach could help riders and their horses more than anything else. For example, simply taking 10 minutes before interacting with your horse and quieting ones heart and mind and creating a time of quiet focused intention could be of more benefit than anything else. Neuroscience now shows us that simply taking 10 minutes each day to focus on compassion for all beings can change our brains and our heart.

That is the foundation for both preventing and correcting so many problems.

If we do not transform our thoughts, our hearts and our minds, we may simply be putting temporary band-aids on problems.  I invite everyone to read “The Compassionate Equestrian” and see how incorporating some of these simple approaches to their own health and happiness can make their horses and themselves healthier and happier. Integrating these approaches will improve their equitation skills as well as helping themselves, their horses, their friends and families and expand out even further to be of benefit to all beings and the world community.  This is what we are seeing from horse lovers who are integrating these approaches into their lives.

Thank you for inviting me on your program and to share the insights we are sharing in “The Compassionate Equestrian”. I invite you all to become part of the compassionate equestrian movement through thecompassionateequestrian.com that my co-author, Susan Gordon facilitates.  May your choices and actions be of benefit to all beings!

Thank you Laura and let me know if this addresses what you would like to discuss. Talk soon,