Episode 003 – Part 2 – Interview with Randi Thompson

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Special Guest Randi Thompson of Horse and Rider Awareness and How to Market Your Horse Business

Episode 002 – Laura Interviews Sarah Vadnais of Healing-Horses.com

Show Notes:

Welcome to EquineBusinessBuilder.com

My guest today is Sarah Vadnais of www.healing-horses.com.

You and I met on the Horse Business Mastermind group on Facebook. I’m not sure that I know exactly what you do with horses. I know you have a personal coaching business. Do you have a horse business?

Continue reading “Episode 002 – Laura Interviews Sarah Vadnais of Healing-Horses.com”

Episode 001 – Interview with Kim Wende of Passionate Horsemanship

My Guest today is Kim Wende of Passionate Horsemanship.

I am wondering Kim you could tell everyone a bit about you and what you do? Continue reading “Episode 001 – Interview with Kim Wende of Passionate Horsemanship”

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