Episode 0004-B Emily Wolff – Equine Massage Therapist

Part 2 of interview with Emily Wolff of Heart to Hand Equine Massage.

EmilyWolff - RMT 1Would like to welcome you to Equine Business Builders

Part B –

Introduction –

Now we are going to move on to some equitation questions. Are you ready for some equitation questions?

 Yes I think so.

This will be very applicable for you. We did talk a bit about how the rider influences the horse You see that quite often right?

Why is good equitation and riding well so important?

Good question. Good equitation is so important because our balance can throw the horse off balance. If we are not riding well, the horse is always going to mirror us. It is important to give them a sense of confidence in themselves. A good horse you will be able to give them confidence. The better stronger position you have the better you can help the horse.


What is the number one thing you see. What is the biggest mistake you see in riders, I guess.

Whooo, that is a bit of a loaded question.

Not mentioning any names!

A lot of us, myself included, don’t always have that smooth following arm. I think this is from a tightness in our pecs and a weakness in our core and we are not able to hold ourselves in a position where our arms can move freely. This is a huge component, I see it time and time again, bracing the hands and breaking the wrists. Tight elbows that aren’t moving and not following, rounded shoulders. I think it is related to a weakness in the core, to the muscles in the core.

I think it is not as common at the upper levels or even mid summer when we are showing and riding a bit more. In general not having a following rein.

Do you think some riders should be fitter. To do some exercises to help strengthen their core? Do you think that would help?

Yes one-hundred percent.I think core strength is vital for us not only for us as riders but as humans.

I am sitting here as if I am sitting on a horse and I am holding myself up. I have to say I do a lot of core exercises.

And I think I have pretty soft hands…

Anyway – moving along.

What are some tips you could give right now to either prevent, stop or correct  the problem. I think we kind of mentioned it, core exercises.

Core, core strength definitely.

My equine massage therapist heart is such a big fan of grooming and currying and [taking care of the horse by] flushing the blood after we ride and stimulating the skin before we ride. And stretching exercises.

I am going to give you my favorite exercises. Is to just back the horse up in hand. Nice and slowly. You stretch the whole body basically.  Nice and slowly and quietly back up the horse in hand between 10 and 20 steps. It does a great job for the pelvisand legs and for all those muscles that are classically tight.

That is my one major tip, more grooming and whole body stretch.

Excellent – those are really good tips.

Thank you Emily. That is it for my questions here. Is there anything that you would like to add?

I would like to thank you again one more time for having me here today and this whole community you are building. The more we collaborate together the more massage therapists vets, chiropractors and riders and trainers, the more we all work together, the better it is for the horses at the end of the day.

That is my big why, so I so appreciate you having this podcast having me here and everything you are doing.

Thank you so much Emily. I really appreciate it.

It’s bringing people together for a common purpose. We all have this common theme of working and helping with horses. If we can all get together and mentor people coming up, I think it is going to be fantastic.

I appreciate saying what you said so thank you so much.

Absolutely, thanks Laura.

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